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Our Daily Bread

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in England is the giant stone pillars of Stonehenge. These massive pieces of granite are also a great source of mystery. Every year, people travel to Stonehenge with questions such as: Why were they erected? Who accomplished this extraordinary engineering marvel? And perhaps we wonder most of all how they did it. But visitors leave having received no answers from the silent stones. The mystery remains.

Author: Bill Crowder
Posted: March 6, 2015, 1:00 am

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Daily Devotionals

One of the most popular tourist attractions in England is the giant stone pillars of Stonehenge. These massive pieces of granite are also a great source of mystery. Every year,…

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Just Thinking

Just Thinking

Mon - Fri 1pm.

Are you going your own way and pretending it’s God’s way? On today’s Just Thinking, Ravi Zacharias looks at how this barrier can be a huge obstacle for yourself and those around you.
Insight For Living

Insight For Living

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Mar 4, 2015 - Mar 6, 2015

Matthew 15:10-20; James 3:1-10

Honestly, do you talk too much? Do you find yourself saying, “I shouldn't say this…” and then going right ahead and spilling it out? Do you promise to keep information shared in confidence, only to leak it a few days (or even a few hours) later? Do you spend too much time filling the air with words yet saying very little worth hearing? Worse, do you speak against others behind their backs and then say something completely different to their faces?

What If...?

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Living Truth

Living Truth

Mon - Fri 9pm.

We have to be utterly convinced of this: that being a Christian is not just a little part of my life that is isolated from the workplace and isolated from where I live and isolated from the politics of our city and our country and the economics of our country and our world, but rather the deepest need of the human heart is a spiritual one.
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Compass-Hey Howard on -

"Hey Howard" is a daily one-minute radio ministry of Compass-Finances God's Way. Each day, host Howard Dayton, answers listeners questions by taking a succinct, practical and biblical approach to every day financial issues.

Howard Dayton offers advice about buying a used car.
Author: Howard Dayton
Posted: March 5, 2015, 12:00 pm


Keys For Kids

Keys For Kids

Monday to Saturday

7:30am & 7:30pm

Olivia sighed as she put down the last of the envelopes she was stuffing. "They're

all done, Mom--215 invitations for the neighborhood reunion ready to go."

"Thanks, honey," replied Mom. "You've been a big help!"

Olivia grinned. "I think it's a great idea--throwing a party and inviting everyone

who used to live in the neighborhood but moved away," she said. "I'm sure a lot of

people will come. I hope lots of kids come, too. It's been a long time since I've seen

some of the kids I used to play with."

When the reunion day arrived, Olivia and the rest of the family joined the crowds

at the neighborhood park where the festivities were being held. "There's Mr. and Mrs.

Wood!" exclaimed Olivia. "And Jill's with them!" They all hurried over to greet the

Woods, who used to live next door to them.

Then Dad saw Mr. Burns, who used to be the school principal, Mom headed for

Mrs. Smith, who had gone to her Bible study many years before, and Olivia spied a

girl who'd been in her Sunday school class before moving away.

That night, Olivia and her parents talked about seeing so many old friends. "I was

hoping the York family would come," said Olivia. "I wanted to see the twins again."

She frowned. "I wonder why they didn't come. Maybe they didn't get the invitation."

"I'm sure there are good reasons why some who got invitations couldn't come," said

Mom, patting her daughter's hand.

"I guess so," agreed Olivia. "I can't see why they'd just ignore an invitation for such

a fun event."

"I suppose some might," said Dad. "But right now you need to get to bed or you'll

be sleepy in church tomorrow." As Olivia got up to leave, Dad shook his head. "You

know, we wonder how anyone could ignore the invitation for today's special event,

but there's a much more important invitation that many people ignore. Jesus invites

everyone to come to Him for forgiveness of sins and new life, and those who do will

take part in a much bigger reunion someday--a gathering of all God's children in

heaven. How could anyone ignore that invitation?"

How About You?
Have you accepted Jesus' invitation to trust in Him as your Savior? All who
do will be with Him--and with all other Christians--in heaven someday. What a
celebration that will be! This invitation is not one you can afford to turn down. See the
ABCs of Salvation in the column to the right and accept it today!

Today's Key Verse:
The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out. (John 6:37)

Today's Key Thought:
Jesus invites you to heaven

Paws & Tales

Sat 8am.

Feb 27, 2015

Psalm 103:11-12

Barely escaping alive from Shadow Valley, Goliath—now Chuck—relies on the help of a kindly country preacher Pastor Flint and his daughter Cindy. But healing one's physical wounds is not the same as healing a wounded heart. When the bandits from Wild Mountain begin kidnapping the children from surrounding villages, Chuck is called back into action. But will the shadow of his past keep him from facing his future?

Paws & Tales

Kids Corner

Tue 4pm.

Episode Summary:

Liz is having a very bad, horrible week when he loses Grandpa's antique coin, fails a surprise test, and gets a cold.

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Verse: 2 Corinthians 4:17

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!

Have you ever had a really bad day? A day that starts out bad and then gets worse? Time for a quiz on Bible people who had really bad days.

Question 1: Who was whipped and beaten and then tossed into prison for healing a slave girl?
(Acts 16

Question 2: Who was dragged outside a city's walls, had stones thrown at him, and was then left to die?
(Acts 14

Question 3: Who was arrested and sent by ship to a far away city for trial. On the way, a two week storm came up and destroyed the ship.
(Acts 27

How did you do? The answer to all the questions was Paul! The most miserable part is that all these miserable days happened after Paul became a Christian. So was Paul a miserable person because of all the bad things that happened to him?

Not at all. The night Paul spent in the prison (after being beaten), he was singing songs to God-and the other prisoners were listening to him. That night the jailer and his family met and believed in God because of Paul. The stoning? When the other Christians went to get Paul's body, they found he was just fine. God had protected him. The shipwreck? Paul used the storm and shipwreck to tell more people about God's power and His grace.

What about you? When you are having a miserable day, what do you do? Do your words and actions reflect your lousy day? Or do they reflect that you believe in God, no matter what? How can you become more like Paul on bad days? Talk to God. Tell Him what a bad day you are having. Then ask Him to help. God helped Paul. God will gladly be with you on the very worst of days! Just ask!

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Discussion Guide:

In this episode, Liz is having a really bad week. He loses Grandpa's antique coin, he gets a cold, he fails a big test, and then Skink finds the coin and claims it is his. Liz is miserable. But when he finally confesses his loss to Grandpa, Grandpa offers a different perspective on all his troubles. Grandpa explains that God allows problems into our lives to help us grow and to prepare us for heaven. This is not always a welcome message when we are miserable. But it is a biblical truth that can help when nothing seems to go our way.

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Down Gilead Lane

Sun 8:30am.

Down Gilead Lane

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